Friday, May 2, 2008

My Reward

click the picture for a closer look
My reward for this horrible, hectic week is this post. A

Awake at 4:30am - 2 hour commute - 10 hours of design rat-race - 2 hour commute home... for the past 2 weeks. Yeah, I know, nobody likes a complainer.

I'm gonna go draw the back of somebody's head.


Quilt Knit said...

I will allow you to complain. I get to stop the 90-120 minute commute as of June 1st. I am redoing my apartment. I have been doing the commute for
4 years straight from my apartment. This year the buses and Ts have been a pain. Guess I am lucky, this new positioned opened. More time for me.

(( Circle of Hugs ))

Alan said...

It is either Cousin It or the back of someones head.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Ken, this is our reward too. Glad you made the time for it. Your work's so good.

simplyred said...

If you do fronts of heads as well as you do backs of heads, then you've got it made! Except of course for the 4:30 get up time, the travel time, the long hours, etc. But I love your drawings!

Ms. Ernie
Gypsy Gold Studio

Jennifer Lawson said...

Great drawings. Great theme. Keep it up the great work!

no way said...

Great drawing, love the value range in the hair. A two hour commute....that has to be tough!

Lynn said...

I'm really enjoying your commute sketches. You have such a great range of values, these are excellent drawings!

Sandy said...

Well you certainly have nailed down the back of heads, you make the hair looks so easy (which is HARD)